The best alternative of Xamp Wamp for Windows


Xamp and Wamp rule the developing market for decades, but it has some drawbacks. Due to lots of issue and conflicts, developers switch to different software. We researched and test lots of software to present the best of them is Laragon.


Why Laragon ?

Laragon is a fast, easy to use portable development environment providing support for PHP, MySql, NgNix, Apache, Ruby, Python etc.  The best part of Laragon, it uses less RAM (less than 4mb) and when switch version laragon never affect your dev files.

How to install Laragon ?

Download the latest version of Laragon , choose the required module depending on your requirement.
Double click the installer and select the path (Choose a different drive than ‘ C ‘ ) of installation.
Next the steps and click Install.

How to use Laragon ?

Click The Start all to start all the module.
To stop or start any module, right click on the screen and click on preferences. on services and ports tab check the required modules. Suggestion: If you are developing any Php related script use Ngnix (use port: 80 and enable SSL : 443).
Project Creation is one of the best features I like about Laragon, right click on the screen and hover over Quick create then select the desired one, eg: WordPress [ DB name will be the project name ] > then select the project name that’s it. Try it yourself.

Other Features of Laragon

Switch between Php version on the fly. [ Need to install PHP 7 System dependency files if some .dll file error occurred  ]. Just download the latest version of php and paste the folder eg:  D:laragonbinphp  and then change the version from the menu by right clicl=king on the screen.
For other modules same process
Use pre-installed ngrock to share your localhost to the world.
Switch between Nginx and Apache easily.
Explore more by urself.

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