Best Alternative for Windows Command Prompt

Best Alternative for Windows Command Prompt

In Linux,  terminal is preinstalled but in windows we have cmd. We all know that, it is very difficult to use a command in cmd. All the Linux commands are also not executed in cmd. Then what to do in windows, how to install those node modules and gem commands for ruby or run a Python script? Also we know that cmd has its path issue.

So Here comes the solution  Cmder . You may heard about git bash and others but Cmder is full powerpack.

Installation Process

  • Go to Cmder website or download zip with direct Cmder link [v1.3.4]
  • Copy the extracted folder cmder and paste it into “C:” drive or any drive you want. I use “C:” drive as it is for all system and application related files.
  • Now to add an extra feature (Open from any Folder ) we have to do something more.  Press Windows key + S  > Search cmd and run it as Administrator. This is the last time we are using windows cmd
  • Type same command inside cmd.

    cd /
    cd cmder
    cmder /REGISTER ALL

Cmder Use case

  • Right click inside folder and you can see an option added Cmder here. Now you can open cmder from any folder.
  • All windows cmd command also run under cmd and also some Linux command (Example ‘ls’ , ‘clear’ , ‘rm -rf’).
  • Add two terminal 50%  of the screen


If you encounter any issue setting up cmder please comment below. Hope you like the post please comment and rate us how much you like the post.

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