How to generate Bitly OAuth access token?

How to generate Bitly OAuth access token

1. How to register you account

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2. How to register your OAuth application in

  1. First, click on your profile.
  2. Then From the list click on your Registered OAuth application
  3. Click on the Get Registration code [You will receive the code via email ]
  4. Click the COMPLETE REGISTRATION button from your email and fill the details.
  5. Add your application URL and redirect URL [ If you have any doubt just add your website URL ]

3. Generate a Bitly OAuth access token for your OAuth application

  1. Click profile settings
  2. Click on Generic Access Token
  3. Enter your password and click Generate Token
  4. If you already have generated token you don’t need to add your password

Now you can use the generated access token to connect to your bitly account via rest API. Read more about bitly API functionality from their developer guide.

If your access token are misplaces or someone stole it you can disable the bitly OAuth access token from the bellow steps. After disabling the access token follow the steps previous step to generate the access token again.

How to disable/expire Bitly OAuth access token

  1. Go to Profile Settings
  2. Click on Security
  3. Click on close to disable access token

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